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How to help your child develop fine motor skills

Read on to learn more about the many ways you can help to improve your child's fine motor skills with simple, every-day activities.

Fine motor skills are required for everyday tasks such as buttoning a shirt, eating with utensils, tying shoelaces, cutting with scissors, and writing. 

We use fine motor skills so frequently in our daily lives as adults that it’s easy to forget that the task at hand necessitates a specific skill set and the use of particular muscles.

Suppose a young child is unable to perform these daily tasks. In that case, it can impact their self-esteem, ability to develop self-care and independence skills, and academic performance.

Parents can encourage and help kids to improve their fine motor skills with simple activities. 

Ways to help your child’s fine motor skills 

Here are 10 ways you can provide opportunities for your child to develop fine motor skills at home:

  1. Letting them help set the table 
  2. Allowing them to pour their own juice into a cup
  3. Letting them help you make food (stirring, shaking, and mixing)
  4. Letting them dress themselves
  5. Giving them age-appropriate puzzles to build
  6. Giving them child-safe scissors to cut paper
  7. Providing them with art and craft supplies such as playdough, crayons, pencils and finger paint 
  8. Letting them build with blocks and Lego
  9. Playing board games with them
  10. Teaching them how to tie their own shoelaces

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