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Man who attacked teacher girlfriend with a bush knife found dead

By Nompilo Kunene

MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza said the man responsible for the heinous act was found dead, having taken his own life at a nearby cliff.

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A man who was alleged to have brutally attacked his teacher girlfriend with a bush knife was found dead.

Ngcinaphi Fakude, who is a teacher at Ncwabakazi Upper Primary School in KwaHlabisa, northern KwaZulu-Natal, was attacked with a bush knife on Monday on the school premises, in full view of pupils.

Initial reports indicate that the man initially attempted to enter the school, but was prevented from doing so.

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He subsequently left and returned wielding a bush knife and gained entry to the premises. Once inside, he entered the staffroom and assaulted the teacher.

The teacher is currently in hospital, having suffered multiple severe injuries to her body, face and cranium, as a result of the attack.

KwaZulu-Natal Social Development MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza said the man, Sakhiseni Nene, was found dead, having taken his own life at a nearby cliff.

“We had hoped he would face the consequences of his actions.  Our thoughts are with his family as they grapple with this tragedy.”

Khoza on Wednesday visited Fakude in hospital and was astonished that she survived, calling it nothing short of a miracle. 

Her remarkable spirit and courage in the face of this horrifying incident are truly inspiring.  As a department, we stand steadfastly by her side as she embarks on her journey towards recovery, ensuring she receives the full support she deserves.

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She praised the dedication of the social workers and medical team who tirelessly provided care and support to the primary school teacher.

“The attack on a teacher within school premises deeply disturbed us. During our visit to the school, alongside social workers, police and officials from the Department of Education, we witnessed the haunting crime scene in the staffroom, where bloodstains on the floor and doors told a harrowing tale,” she said.

Khoza acknowledged the long road to recovery ahead for both the teachers and pupils who witnessed the traumatic incident. She emphasised the ongoing support from a team of social workers who would provide trauma counselling, debriefing and emotional containment to help them heal with their condition.