Best of Zululand 2022/2023: Services

Best Accountant

Renier Botha & Associates

Having an accountant is crucial when it comes to managing business finances. Renier Botha & Associates have stood the test of time by delivering reliable services in a manner that is trustworthy and built on the premise of accountability. Zululand’s Best Accountant is known for staying up-to-date with with the knowledge it takes to provide superior accounting services, which means you will never be left behind. Always on time, Renier Botha & Associates understand business, making them more than just accountants – they become an integral part of your team. Trust Renier Botha & Associates with your business and personal finances.

Best Ambulance Service

Mounties EMS Empangeni

When tragedy strikes, you need someone who will rise to the occasion and save lives selflessly.
No matter the day or time, Mounties EMS prides itself in its fast response time and highly skilled paramedics who value life as much as you do.
Winners of Best Ambulance Service, Mounties EMS provides superior first responder services in your time of need.

Best Architect

TJ Architects Richards Bay

Best Attorney

Duvenage Incorporated Richards Bay

“Being voted as the Best Attorney in Zululand has left us feeling both humbled and honoured. At Duvenage Attorneys, we are passionate about making a positive impact in our community through the legal services we provide. We believe true expertise extends beyond just knowledge, and includes ethical and compassionate services that can genuinely make a difference in people’s lives” – Team Duvenage Inc

Best Branding Company

Best Printers

Emprint Empangeni

Why print at home if you could have all your printing done professionally at Emprint Empangeni? From branded workwear to business cards, billboards,
digital printing, screen printing, wide-format printing, high quality labels and laser cutting, Emprint can help! Backed by more than five decades of excellence, Emprint remains Zululanders’ preferred printers and branding company.

Best Breakdown Service

Lee's Breakdown Service

Lee’s Breakdown Services are no strangers in town. With a large, active fleet, it is obvious that you can rely on Lee’s Breakdown Services to do the job. Whether you’ve had a breakdown, a fender bender, or a serious accident, Lee’s Breakdown Services are available 24-7 – and this is something that Zululanders truly appreciate.

Best Courier Service

The Courier Guy Richards Bay

When it comes to handling your package, nobody does it better than The Courier Guy! With 170 kiosks, 1 100 Pudo lockers and over 2 000 drivers, there isn’t a better way to reach all parts of our beautiful country. Voted the Best Courier Service in Zululand, The Courier Guy will gladly deliver your package to where it needs to be, no matter how big or small.

Best Driving School

Easy Way Driving School Empangeni

Driving schools are crucial participants in South Africa’s bid for safer roads, and Zululand’s Best Driving School, Easy Way Driving School, seeks to invest in the future of driving by equipping communities with the most vital skill. It’s not just about passing that learner’s or driver’s test, it’s about imparting lasting knowledge that will benefit all road users and pedestrians. With a team of experienced driving instructors, you cannot take a wrong turn with Easy Way Driving School.

Best Employment Agency

Express Employment Professionals

Looking for a new job? Express Employment Professionals puts people to work in all types of careers.
When you work with Express, you build a relationship with a team of employment professionals in your community who have, in turn, built personal relationships with the businesses that are hiring.

Best Engineering & Manufacturing Company

Yandisa Tony's Construction

Best Financial Planning/Brokers

Best Short Term Insurance Brokers

MJ's Trust

MJ’s consists of two entities, namely MJ’s Short Term Insurance Consultants CC and MJ’s Financial Planning Services CC. Both entities have been voted winners in this year’s Best of Zululand Readers’ Choice Awards, which is an excellent achievement for any company. Zululanders appreciate them for going above and beyond to offer their clients the professional and excellent service they deserve.

Best First Aid Training

Lindy Brett - Care 4 U

In an industrial city such as Richards Bay, health and safety form a crucial part of daily operations.
First aid training is just as important, which is where Zululanders trust Lindy Brett and Care 4 U.
Voted Best First Aid Training, Lindy will help you save a life.

Best Funeral Service

Richards Bay Funeral Services

It’s relieving to know that when it’s time to say goodbye to a loved one, you will have someone to hold your hand and guide you through the storm. Richards Bay Funerals has become a beacon of hope for many families, offering services such as burials, cremations, tombstones, limousine hire and funeral policies at a very high standard, making them deserving of the Best Funeral Service title. Richards Bay Funerals aims to maintain that culture of excellence.

Best Furniture Removals

Moodley Movers

Moving to a new home or office? Moodley Movers will help make it simple and stress-free, safe and affordable.
Covering basically the whole of South Africa, Moodley Movers specialises in shared loads – making moving much more affordable

Best Garage/Filling Station

Engen VeldenVlei

Need to fill up the tank and grab a snack on the go? Make your trip worthwhile and visit Engen Veldenvlei. Voted for by Zululanders as the Best Petroleum Wholesaler and Best Garage / Filling Station, you will experience fast and friendly service when filling up your car. A visit to the large Woolies Food stop and Steers is also a treat, as they offer a large variety of food, coffee,
soft drinks, snacks, magazines, frozen meals, gifts and other essentials

Best Home/Business Air Conditioning


Whether you like it hot or cold, SME HVAC has got you covered in Zululand! SME focuses on the maintenance and long-term product support of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and mechanical systems for the domestic, commercial, and industrial industries. Let SME assess your needs and supply you with the best options suitable for your domestic, commercial, industrial, mining, and mobile needs, 24/7.

Best Hydraulic Company

Bay Hydraulics & Chroming

Bay Hydraulics & Chroming is a specialist in recognising the needs of today’s industry. The use of maintained modern equipment and machinery empowers production efficiency. Combined with a dedicated team and proven systems, Bay Hydraulics & Chroming is equipped with the knowledge and resources required to conform to the demands of the industry.

Best Internet Service Provider

Neotek Computers and ISP

In a world that thrives on instant communication, your internet service provider is the gateway to keeping up.
The demand for fast and reliable internet continues to increase as people’s livelihoods have become dependent on it.
Neotek has been providing that service for years and has now earned recognition for their impeccable services across Zululand with the award for Best Internet Service Provider!
Availability, speed, and price are the three main factors to consider when choosing your ISP – and Neotek ticks all three boxes!

Best Life Insurance

Old Mutual Richards Bay

Best Office Automation

Leaf Technologies

Best Pest Control Company

Zululand Pest Control

When unwanted pests plague your home or business, it can have a direct impact on the health and safety of those who come into contact with the building.
With Zululand Pest Control, gone are the days of invasive chemicals, making it easy for you to continue operating without a glitch. No matter how big the problem is, Zululand’s Best Pest Control Company is on standby, ready to eradicate those unwanted creatures safely, efficiently, and without a fuss.

Best Photographer

Kim Steinberg

Best Security/Alarm Company

Best Security Equipment & Installers

Alpha Alert

The premise of private security is built on prevention, and Alpha Alert has been doing exactly that; ensuring your most prized possessions are looked after 24/7.
Evidently, Zululand believes this diverse team of highly skilled men and women are the security champions of the region. With a clean swipe of their competition, Alpha Alert is the Best Security/Alarm Company and Best Security Equipment & Installers. Join the winning team by joining Alpha Alert.

Best Travel Agency

Hello World Travel

Best Tyre Fitment Centre

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Empangeni

While many jokingly say driving in Zululand is an extreme sport, it’s comforting to know that when you do lose a tyre, you have somewhere to go with guaranteed good service.
Proud winners of Best Tyre and Fitment Centre are Tiger Wheel and Tyre.
They house South Africa’s leading tyre brands and provide technology-driven fitment services at affordable prices.
No job is half done at Tiger Wheel and Tyre, and this is what makes them the best!

Best Vehicle Hire

AVIS Van Rental Richards Bay

Best Web Design Company

Justin Whittaker

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