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Cattle invasion for Birdswood residents

Birdswood residents have had enough bulldust

WHILE one Birdswood resident is proud to display a blue bull in his front yard, many others are becoming increasingly annoyed at the number of cattle that are invading their premises.

Cows and bulls, apparently arriving from neighbouring Mandlanzini, are now daily intruders.

‘Besides being a health hazard as they leave their droppings everywhere, they are also an accident and injury risk, to vehicles and children,’ said one angry resident.

‘They wander in and out of properties, grazing on the lawns and eating our plants.

‘Most times there is no person with them – they seem to just meander around.’

Residents, who were advised to speak to their ward councillor, said they have had little joy when reporting the incidents.

‘I am afraid there will be trouble if people take the matter into their own hands, and we don’t want friction between the communities.

‘I appeal to the authorities to please take action before the situation gets out of hand.

‘The problem lies with the owners, not the cattle.’

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