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Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone traffic takes the new road

Good catch-up work on Medway Road construction

AFTER bad weather earlier in the year dented progress, contractors have caught up nicely on the R45-million upgrade of Medway Road, linking the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone and the eastern gate of the port to the John Ross Parkway.

Traffic is now being rerouted over the newly completed second road bridge as work continues apace on rehabilitation of the old bridge and link road.

Barring further weather interruptions, the entire project, including the connections to the John Ross Parkway, will be done by the end of this month, according to project engineer Rob Cowan.

‘Relocation of the traffic signals presents a challenge which will be managed and everything will open simultaneously.

‘The balance of the work such as street furniture, walkways and landscaping will be completed once the construction is completed.’

Just another three weeks and traffic will flow to the harbour as never before

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