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Leap Day: 5 Great Ways to Celebrate the Day

Don't waste this Leap Day, make it one to remember in 2024! Here are some ways to celebrate the day on Thursday...

Thursday is Leap Day which means you’re getting a free day this year to do with as you wish!

Of course, you will undoubtedly have work, family, and social commitments, but if you feel like a change, then here are some ways you can celebrate Leap Day 2024.

1. Take a leap with a new adventure
Try something new like signing up for a class, going online and doing a free course, trying a new recipe you’ve read about, or even adopting that pet you’ve been dreaming about all your life. Make a positive change in your life this 29 February!

2. Host a Leap Day party
A real celebration requires a party, so why not plan to host a Leap Day party on Thursday? This could be as simple as a fun games night with friends, a popcorn and movie party with the kids, or even something more extravagant if you’re feeling the urge.

3. Make a time capsule
We always think these moments are going to last but they don’t, and neither do our memories! So, why not put together a time capsule with some fun memorabilia that you and your friends or family could dig up on the next Leap Day… or the next 5 Leap Days! A newspaper clipping, photo, non-functioning electronic item… there are so many things you could include.

4. Make Leap Day predictions
Get together with a group of friends and you each have to make one prediction about what will happen by the next Leap Day (29 February 2028). Who will be married? Who will have kids? Who will be CEO or President? Then keep these somewhere safe and make a note to take them out in four years and see who was right!

5. Do it in fours
Wherever possible, try to do what you can in fours on Leap Day. If you’re going out for an ice cream, then get four scoops! If you’re spending time with friends, commit to four hours of fun. If you’re doing an exercise routine, do it in sets of fours. There are lots of creative ways to have fun on Leap Day!


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