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Wright Park’s new clinic officially opened

A private healthcare clinic, designed to help people get fast and affordable healthcare, was launched in Wright Park on April 16.

The community of Wright Park welcomed the newly launched Unjani Clinic on Tuesday. Sister Lucia Tsoari identified the site after she uncovered a pressing need for easier access to primary healthcare in her community.

Tsoari was described as a nurse at heart, even with her first qualification in IT Web and Graphic Design, but later flourished in nursing.

After working at different government facilities since 2008, Tsoari is now a nurse-preneur, eager to expand her business by helping the Wright Park community.

Tsoari has employed a clinic assistant while working on taking on a learner to grow her team as the clinic takes off.

“We don’t know what tomorrow has in store for us, but I can promise you I am here to serve you. If we drop the ball, remind us of the promise we made to you.”

She thanked her family for their support in the opening of the clinic, as well as the community for attending the launch.

She further applauded Ward 74 Clr Thulani Simelane for playing his role from the beginning stages until the end.
Launch attendees received free wellness screening tests on the day.

The clinic services will include childhood immunisation, family planning and maternity support, wound care, laboratory blood services, HIV testing and counselling, and management of patients on antiretroviral therapy.

Unjani Clinic Wright Clinic is open to all Springs residents and on Springs West Road.

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