Fox Security fights crime in Alberton and surrounding areas

Fox Security's resolute commitment to protecting the Alberton community was demonstrated once more by their prompt action and effective interventions.

Fox Security has made great progress in assuring the safety and security of the Alberton community in the past few weeks.

Fox Security responded quickly and took a swift action to address a variety of crimes, from theft to break-ins.

Cable theft suspect arrested

A suspect that is involved with cable theft description was given to Fox Security from a CCTV camera in the Kibler Park area.

On a routine patrol one of our Fox Tactical members spotted the suspect while he was busy stripping a light pole in the road.

The suspect tried to flee the scene but Fox Security tactical member managed to apprehend the suspect.
The suspect was in possession of stolen cables and implements used to steal cables.

Hijacked vehicle recovered

Fox Security Tactical units received information regarding a vehicle that was just hijacked.

The recovered vehicle.

Fox Security responded and searched the areas.

One of the tactical units managed to locate the vehicle, but the suspects had fled the scene.

Vehicle thief arrested

A suspect was apprehended after he was spotted breaking into a vehicle in a shopping centre in the Alberton area.

The vehicle thieve found inside someone’s car in a local mall.

The suspect was already inside of the vehicle trying to hot-wire the vehicle.

The suspect was detained at Alberton SAPS.

A suspect shot

Three suspects gained access to a resident’s house and the resident opened fire and shot one of the suspects.

The suspect shot in the foot by a resident who find them stealing in his yard.

The suspect fled the scene and broke his leg after jumping over the wall.

The suspect was apprehended and taken to hospital.

The other two suspects managed to get away.

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