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GRAPHIC PHOTO: Alberton community gives Sky a fighting chance

A helpless German shepherd female mix breed was found by locals Ashley and Janine Scheffler-Klynsmith but true to the giving hearts of the Alberton community she now has a second chance at life.

Named ‘Sky’, after being found stranded and helpless in Sky City, this German shepherd female mix breed will again walk and be able to turn the most ordinary activities into fun ones.

She was found with both her feet somewhat grazed. In one foot her toe was missing and seemingly, she has puppies, which have not been found to date.

She was then taken to Brackenhurst Veterinary Clinic by Ursula Peters and was set to undergo an operation for both her infected front legs, which cost R12 000. Generous Albertonians then paid it forward and donated towards her operation, which saw her getting a fighting chance.

According to Sharon Huson of Brackenhurst Veterinary Clinic, they received a phone call from their client Ursula Peters, who found her outside McDonald’s in Sky City and brought her to them.

“We originally put her under the Grace Fund, which we started years ago for another rescue which came in here with her legs tied together with a wire.

An operation done on one of her front legs. Photo: Ursula Peters

“We have since started another rescue fund called Positive Mobility because we realised there was a gap in the market where people were struggling with pets with broken bones, spines and so forth. Procedures were becoming too expensive for people and some simply can’t afford the speciality surgeries,” she explained.

Sky was then transferred from the Grace Fund to Positive Mobility and a request for donations was posted on social media. Her story touched many hearts and it was not long before donations started flocking in.

When Sky was found. Photo: Ursula Peters

“We’re not sure what happened to her. We’re assuming it was a car accident. In the one leg, we managed to get her infection under control and fixed that leg. The other leg is quite badly marbled and we’re waiting for it to heal a bit more to do another surgery. She has puppies out there somewhere but they haven’t been able to find them,” Huson said.

They fitted a titanium plate and screws in one of her legs and she will soon be due for another operation.

Huson reiterated that one of their donors is also looking to give her a warm home. Peters said Sky will be coming to her to recover before going to her new home.

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