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Kiddies ‘spread their wings’, thanks to community’s support

After hosting a golf day at Reading Country Club, I Am Centre for Autism extended their appreciation to the community.

Young minds from Brackendowns-based I Am Centre for Autism will be able to reach their full potential thanks to much-needed support received from the community.

Due to the success and support received from last year’s golf day, the centre was able to put up a Wendy house and make it a completely separate classroom and have a separate little playground for their little ones.

According to Celeste Viljoen, director at I Am Centre for Autism, this will be their first-level class and they have named it ‘The Butterfly Class’.

“If you think about the concept of a butterfly, spreading its wings and flying, the idea is that we set our little ones up in this class to be able to spread their wings and fly and reach their full potential. In our logo, we also say, ‘Through acceptance in life, anyone can fly’. We have quite a few equipment, stationery and art supplies to stimulate our little ones,” she said.

She said they have also included a lot of movements, music, a sandpit, sensory play, and gross motor activities for the little ones.

“We have included all activities where little ones learn through exploring. We are still in the process of painting the Wendy house, so there is still some development coming. This year, we will be hosting our golf day on November 21 at Reading Country Club and more information will be shared closer to the event,” she explained.

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