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The theme for 2020 is “Together shaping the future of transport”

The government is calling for businesses to participate and provide safer, affordable, accessible and reliable transport.

As is customary, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has heeded the call by offering free driver training to 160 drivers, who currently operate any of its Mercedes-Benz Actros models.

“There is no better way to ensure safety on our roads than to offer the right trucks, operated by professionally equipped drivers. Greater safety is a core pillar of our road efficiency strategy and it is for this reason that our trucks boast advanced safety features such as active brake assist 5, proximity control assist, lane keeping assist, and attention assist to name a few.

“A well-trained driver is greatly beneficial to all road users and is more efficient, because they experience less downtime. We are therefore excited to offer this training to our valued customers and to actively demonstrate our promise to ensure greater safety on our roads,” says Maretha Gerber, head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Southern Africa.

The two-day complementary truck training programme will be offered to selected customers based on their driver’s skill level. It will run from October to December.

The training will cover topics such as understanding Mercedes-Benz’s driving philosophy, applying defensive driving skills and techniques, as well as understanding the active and passive safety systems. Upon successful completion, the drivers will receive a training certificate.

The benefits to the driver and customers after the successful completion of the course includes, increased competence and performance of drivers, reduce environmental impact, reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and most importantly improved road safety. This certainly speaks to the Transport Month initiative and everything it aims to achieve.

Source: Motorpress

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