Entry-level VW Caddy big on value

Volkswagen has decided to introduce a more price-friendly Caddy in the form of this, the Caddy 1.0 TSI Trendline.

The Caddy is a car that one can very quickly forget about. It’s a car mostly aligned with companies and not those looking for personal use, however, the people-mover offering is a delightful little machine that deserves to be noticed. I spent some time behind the wheel to find out why.

The looks

The Caddy features a box-like design with a tall roofline but sleek front end. A familiar Volkswagen face features up front thanks to a neatly designed front bumper, slim grille and stylistic headlights. The side profile further enhances the cars square shape and the read doors slide open which, as my wife pointed out is brilliant especially if you are loading things while in a parking bay at a shopping mall. The rear tailgate is flanked by neatly designed taillights. Sticking with the rear tailgate, it opens upwards and relatively high to aid in practical usage. My specific test car featured 16-inch rims as standard.

The interior

Stepping into the Caddy you do indeed feel as if you are stepping into a van. You sit relatively high but the facia design has been angled and raised towards the driver and the ergonomics are impressive. The centre console houses the ventilation controls as well as the Composition Media radio with touchscreen functionality. The system is found in the likes of the Polo Vivo GT and it also offers Apple CarPlay connectivity as well as USB, Bluetooth and AUX. The standard sound system in the car is also worth a mention and despite its van-like characteristics, the Caddy is as easy to pilot as a car.

The interior, as one would expect is also spacious with rear passengers benefiting from ample head and legroom. The boot is also large and the car features a host of clever storage areas throughout the cabin, like under the seats and above the driver.

What powers it?

The Caddy which arrived at the Autodealer office for evaluation was fitted with Volkswagens impressive three-cylinder 1.0-litre TSI engine. It develops 74 kW and 175 N.m which might sound like a little, however, the car makes use of that power very effectively. My tester was also fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox with an easy to moderate clutch, however, on the highway I feel that a 6th cog would have benefited the car’s overall cruising ability. I also found the Caddy to be comfortable and ready for a long road trip, enhanced by the claimed 5.6l/100km which is exactly what I was averaging over my week stint with the car.


When I first took the keys for the Caddy I wasn’t expecting much but a week later and I can safely say that I enjoyed my time with it. It offers impressive practicality, more than you will get from a crossover SUV, it is well built and features a great engine. It offers a decent ride quality and at R367 500 it is worth a consideration.

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