AMID comments on trends in the motorcycle market

Following the devastating effect that Covid-19 had on the South African economy during 2020, it would have been reasonable to expect the motorcycle industry to suffer along with everybody else.

In some respects it did, but the pandemic had the unexpected consequence of accelerating the ever-increasing commercial delivery business to the extent that the new motorcycle market declined by only 1% compared to the previous year.
2020 saw the year ending on 20 644 new units being retailed compared to 20 862 for 2019.
While the increase in “commercial” was gratifying, the leisure segments experienced swings from as much as 22% growth to 38% decline, ending on an average of 15% down on 2019.
The quad/utility segments experienced an overall decline of 9%, which is largely attributable to the lost opportunities created by Covid-19 as production schedules and supply chains were disrupted, creating a shortage of product.
Although insignificant in terms of volume, the SA market has also seen some growth in electric motorcycles and three-wheelers. Time will tell how the South African consumer reacts to this.
We are unable to comment on the used motorcycle market as monthly sales statistics are not available for all trading months of 2020. Anecdotal evidence suggests that used sales became stronger towards the end of the year, which is supported by the available statistics.
In conclusion, riding a motorcycle is one of the finest ways to practice social distancing and express and enjoy personal freedom. Everyone should try it.

Source: AMID – Association of Motorcycle Importers & Distributors

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