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WATCH: Taxi floats away as Mayville struck by heavy rains

After roads turned into rivers last night, the sun was out this morning and the roads passable.

FOOTAGE of a taxi drifting away as a road became a river has shocked social media users.

*Westridge resident Ismail Lockhat was travelling from the Westville area when he took the video.

“I was on my way home at the time. I saw water gushing down the road and stopped for a moment. That’s when I saw the taxis drifting out of the fuel station on the M10 (Felix Dlamini Road),” he said.

He explained that he usually travels along the N3 eastbound and takes the Felix Dlamini (Brickfield) Road off-ramp to enter the Westridge area.

“When I reached the off-ramp, it was flooded. There was a lot of water. Fortunately, I have an SUV vehicle. Water was at knee height in the places I managed to drive through and above knee height in other areas,” recounted Lockhat.

The video shared to the Facebook group, eThekwini Secure, was shared more than 230 times, racking up more than 120 comments.

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For many, the heavy rains were a reminder of the devastating impacts of the April 2022 floods.

“This is so sad; we haven’t even recovered from the floods last year, and again damage is done,” wrote one social media user.

“And on top of this disaster, some had load-shedding to deal with,” added another Facebook user.

Watch the video here:

Rainwater quickly subsided. This morning, there were tennis players out and about at Westridge Tennis Stadium where it was business as usual with just a few puddles on the courts.

Westridge Tennis Stadium with people still out playing tennis today.

*This article was updated at 12:40 when further comment was received.

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