VIDEO: Top 20 most rewatched scenes in thriller movies

It's spooky season, meaning many of us will be rewatching our favourite thriller movies. Here are the top 20 fan-favourite movie scenes in some of the most classic thriller movies:

The thriller movie category is quite broad, with multiple sub-genres such as psychological thrillers, crime thrillers and action thrillers.

There are certain classic thriller movie scenes that never cease to entertain us and jolt us out of our seats, no matter how many times we watch them.

Take the movie Gone Girl, for example, which has been hailed as one of the best psychological thrillers to come of Hollywood in the past decade. Or, the South Korean thriller classic Old Boy, which depicts the story of a man who is captured for 10 years who then seeks revenge on his captors. 

Discover heart-racing thriller movie scenes by watching the video above.

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