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Academy embraces Picasso’s view that every child is an artist

Bightbridge Academy geared up for a vibrant World Art Day.

World Arts Day is observed annually on April 15 to honour Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, and the Bightbridge Academy in Sunward Park answered the call.

They geared up for a vibrant World Art Day, raised their paintbrushes high, and toasted the beauty of creativity during their Little Picasso painting programme.

Inspired by the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, the programme focuses on painting.
The celebration aimed to encourage all sorts of artistic creativity, including visual arts, music, film and creative writing.

Head of campus Chilindi Venter said: “Art teaches our learners to think outside the box, to embrace their uniqueness and to see the world in a broader perspective. It nurtures creativity, boosts their confidence and sparks a lifelong affair with self-expression.”

According to Venter, art is like a glue that binds the universe together; it speaks volumes without saying a word.
“This is why we embrace the magic of creativity at our academy.”

During a webinar hosted by the Global Peace Education Network on the eve of World Art Day 2024,

Ronan de la Croix said: “Art will not change the world; art will change people, and people will change the world.”

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