John Culverwell
1 minute read
18 May 2016
3:09 pm

Business Leadership: Deliver, deliver, deliver

John Culverwell

Tseke Nkadimeng insists on smashing the corporate walls between traditional company silos (Quick Insight “3‘57).

The CEO of Afric Oil, Tseke Nkadimeng, doesn’t want his salespeople to sell – he wants them to solve problems for customers, at all costs, whether commercial or personal. That’s his mantra and what’s proven to be a formula for success in the tough, highly-competitive oil and gas sector.

Actually achieving this lofty ideal is not a one-person job; it takes teamwork. This is why Nkadimeng insists on smashing the corporate walls between the traditional company silos. On his watch the operations team are closely connected – and communicating with – the finance team. Each division understands the impact of its KPIs on the other. The CEO, CFO and executives are all as accountable to customers as the sales people and the production line.

These are some of the concepts and lessons learnt that Nkadimeng shares in this three-minute quick insight video, extracted from an exclusive, face-to-face and in-depth, half-hour interview.

View the full-length interview here.

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