Richard Anthony Chemaly
5 minute read
19 Nov 2019
5:17 pm

SAA: Why waste time arguing over a dying horse before shooting it in the head?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Pilots at SAA have it real good, it seems. So good that they play a massively disproportionate role in the company’s costs. The only way to end it is to kill off the airline.

Picture: Neil McCartney

Pacta sunt servanda; the Latin term for the legal doctrine “agreements must be kept” … It’s been part of our common law since time immemorial and challenged numerous times, but seemingly always stood strong. Seems fair. If you enter into an agreement, you should keep to it. That makes sense … until you start seeing some pretty wild agreements. If you’ve been following the story of SAA since its predecessor Union Airways formed in 1929, I commend you for sticking with a rather torrid story of brilliance, bans and bailouts. If you fast-forward to 2016, you’d have started to hear...