Peter Armitage
2 minute read
22 Mar 2020
9:26 pm

Is right now actually a great time to buy shares on the JSE?

Peter Armitage

The past month has seen the most brutal stock market crash that most investors have experienced.

The JSE. Picture: Moneyweb

Since 18 February this year, the FTSE JSE All Share Index has declined by 35%. In comparison, the 2008 crash saw a 41% drop over nine months of extended hell. Is it time to buy the crash? For investors who can stomach further volatility, some once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunities are surfacing. Of course, it can get worse before it gets better, but unfortunately nobody is clever enough to time the exact bottom. We have separated the opportunities into two categories. Lower risk, with balance sheets able to survive a period of low demand These shares have typically not fallen as much,...