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2 Apr 2020
4:40 pm

How SEOPros can help your business survive, stabilise and even thrive during Covid-19


SEO Pros is saving businesses daily in this time of crisis by ensuring steady lead generation and operational stability with agile digital marketing strategies.


This is not the time to quarantine your digital marketing, especially if you want to keep your doors open or have a chance at rebuilding your empire.

In tough times like these, digital marketing from a professional team is actually an insurance policy for your business growth.  It’s the best investment you can make to save your business and thrive when the Covid-19 crisis is over.

All of our clients already know the answers to the following:

How to protect your business in the midst of the coronavirus?

How to keep your start-up alive and survive the coronavirus?

How to make money from home during Covid-19 quarantine?

How to save my company during Corona?

SEO Pros, the leading digital marketing company in South Africa, has been quietly going about its business for years which is lead generation via Google Search, Social Media, and Pay Per Click. SEOPros is in the business of helping small businesses grow to franchise level size.

But it is now, in this crisis moment, that we have realised the larger role we can play in helping businesses keep the ‘wolf from the door’ for as long as possible.

We offer a proactive approach at a time when most businesses are simply reacting to the crisis by cutting costs until they lose operational stability.

As the world goes online for its profits, with people spending more time on the Internet, having a sound digital marketing strategy in place which is flexible to Covid-19 fluctuations is the difference between having a business or shutting it down.

Business owners have choices:

  • Stabilise your business and build your lead generation base or face large scale retrenchments
  • Short-time or closure, ensuring you comply with the labour laws of this country
  • Digital Marketing and lead generation which is already the essential service your business requires for its very existence

As a company with a reputation for growing businesses in good and stable times, SEOPros has come to realise that in crisis times like these, we are the company that helps to save those very same business that tragically are now floundering.

Once business leads dry up, there really is little hope left but we are here to provide hope with the full knowledge that we can assist certain market sectors in securing more leads that will in turn secure cashflow and return stability to the business.


Long before Covid-19, this has been our business model, yet this crisis has reinforced just how valuable our digital marketing services are for the business community.


What is our worth or value as a company in this time of the Covid-19 crisis?


SEOPros rescues businesses.

How can we rescue you? Give us a call to discuss options for your digital marketing stability plan in the time of forced remote work.

Our existing clients, who have invested in digital marketing over the years are currently enjoying the immense advantage of the buffer our services have provided them, by ensuring that the bulk of the leads for their services reach them before it does their competition.

Their investment has paid off. Companies turning to a digital landscape to sell their products and services will find online competition will be even tougher when the storm clears.

SEOPros has tourism clients that have had no option but to retrench all of their valued staff. However, these companies have retained retain their essential digital marketing services that SEOPros manages for them to rebuild their businesses again with vital leads for bookings and enquiries.

Having a solid digital marketing strategy in place could mean the difference between re-employing your loyal staff once the industry picks up again or closing down permanently. Digital marketing is the best way to ensure that your company will continue to generate leads throughout the travel ban and lockdown period and after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

In essence, your website is your digital sales representative. It generates leads at a critical time and having that in place means your business is adaptable and in a more agile position to bounce back from unexpected setbacks like the Coronavirus pandemic.

SEOPros is the lead generation digital marketing parachute you never knew your business needed until now. The Coronavirus outbreak will come to an end, and your sustained investment in digital marketing will produce more fruit when the sun shines again.

But, as the clouds continue to gather over your industry during COVID-19, ensure your business stability by calling in the digital marketing professionals.

Call SEOPros today.

We can help save your business generating vital leads for a brighter future.