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29 Apr 2021
9:47 am

How to get more Facebook & Instagram engagement for your brand


With carefully crafted and highly targeted Like Generation Campaigns on Facebook you can significantly boost the number of audience members who follow your page.


The social sphere of marketing, particularly Facebook and Instagram, can be highly competitive, which means that sometimes extra care needs to be taken to get your campaign to gain traction and start getting the engagements you need.

We understand how disheartening this can be, but with a few minor adjustments, you can transform your Facebook and Instagram campaigns into a powerful approach to marketing that offers incredible return on investment.

But there are a few key ideas you need to be comfortable with first.

CompEat International is here to discuss some of those with you, and give you a better understanding of how to elevate your social campaigns…

Targeted like generation campaigns

With carefully crafted and highly targeted Like Generation Campaigns on Facebook you can significantly boost the number of audience members who follow your page.

This is widely beneficial, since increasing your target audience you will essentially be reaching more people. Be selective however and be sure to target those audience members who are most likely to add value to your business with meaningful interactions.

You can do this by targeting your audience on Facebook according to ideal demographics such as location, household income, etc.

Combining E-commerce & Facebook shopping

While e-commerce websites are steadily on the rise, many of these site owners are neglecting the power of linking their Facebook campaigns with the offers on their online stores.

Sharmaine Crismann, CEO and head marketer for CompEat International recommends the following:

“If you have an online shop, be sure to enable Facebook Shopping. This directs users to purchase your products from your website after seeing your ads and products on Facebook, and essentially helps to create a streamlined sales funnel as part of your marketing efforts and creates a more enjoyable shopping experience for your online visitors.”

It also let’s your e-commerce site benefit from more exposure, since your audience is likely spending a lot of their time on Facebook and can be easily directed to your online store from there.

Post regularly and link to your site

For any social campaign to gain traction and a bigger audience, you need to ensure that you find the perfect balance where frequency of posts is concerned.

You don’t want your page to seem inactive or outdated, and most marketers will insist on posting a few times a week at minimal, but recommend daily posts where possible.

Regular posting also helps your users better understand the products and services you are promoting. More importantly for marketing purpose, however, is that by including links to your website in each and every post, you will be effectively driving more users to your website or online store.

Use dynamic remarketing

How many people browse the offers on your website or online store, or even add goods to their cart, and move on without making any purchases or enquiries? Any website owner knows just how common this is.

There is a way to keep nudging those visitors to complete their transactions, however, and Facebook in particular plays a huge role with dynamic remarketing.

Dynamic remarketing essentially tracks user behaviour on your website, and then prompts them to action by displaying semi-personalised ads on their social feeds.

In short, you can set up dynamic remarketing ads on Facebook that will appear on their social feeds, reminding them of those offers on your site that they showed interest in.

This has proven a highly effective form of marketing, with many brands reporting click-through rates on their site reaching up to 450% as a result.

Hashtags start conversations

Hashtags are a powerful tool for getting people to your site from Instagram in particular, but a surprisingly few number of brands understand how to make the best use of them, or even understand how they work in marketing.

Another snippet of information from CompEat International’s marketing director, Sharmaine, explains it perfectly:

“Hashtags direct users to your profile while searching for certain topics and themes while they browse through Instagram. Incorporating relevant hashtags will allow a larger audience to find your profile and encourage engagement and interaction, and even makes your brand an interesting and shareable topic of conversation for them.”

Watch your competitors

Developing and executing strong social media marketing campaigns is best done with a bit of a road map, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a look at what your competitors are doing on social media. This way you can make meaningful adjustments to get ahead of them with relative ease.

But doing a competitive analysis takes an enormous amount of time, can be very costly, and often requires entire teams of experts to get it done right.

Fortunately, we live in the digital age, and there are now powerful tools that can do this job in mere minutes to give you a detailed overview of everything your competitors are doing on their social pages, who they are advertising to, and what makes their posts effective/ineffective.

We here at CompEat International have developed just such a tool. It is simple to use, offers flexible pricing, and provides a wealth of information about social media campaigns that compares your competitors’ efforts to yours.

Watch the step-by-step video below: 

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