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12 Oct 2021
2:12 pm

FNB, RTMC launch online service to renew licence discs

Citizen Reporter

There are over 2.4 million motorists in SA and the Road Traffic Management Corporation said it had noticed an increased appetite for online services.

New online service to renew license discs. Picture - Pretoria Rekord

Motorists can now register, renew and pay for their car license discs via a new online service on the NaTIS website.

The new payment gateway is enabled by First National Bank (FNB).

There are over 2.4 million motorists in South Africa and the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said it had noticed an increased appetite for online services.

The new offering will reduce queues, and fines and penalties that come with late renewals.

“More than 6,700 motorists are already using the NaTIS online crash reporting platform since its introduction in 2019,” said the RTMC.

“We are delighted to partner with the Road Traffic Management Corporation to make this service possible,” said FNB Public Sector CEO Sipho Silinda.

Covid-19 has accelerated growth in the digital and e-commerce sectors, and more consumers prefer to shop and access essential services online.

Digital payment options for motorists will reduce risks associated with handling cash and reduce operational costs, while improving the current levels of service.

How to renew, register or pay online

  • Log into the NaTIS platform
  • Select ‘View Motor Renewals’
  • Choose the licence disc/car
  • Capture card details of the respective bank and pay

Once payment has been made, motorists can have their new license disc couriered directly to them or get it printed at the nearest Driver Licence Testing Centre (DLTC).

SAPO also wants to go digital

The South African Post Office (Sapo) plans to introduce its mobile application at the end of October 2021.

The Sapo app will enable vehicle owners to renew licences via mobile phone.

“The renewal and payment will be done using the app and the motorist can then choose to collect the disc from any convenient post office or have it delivered to an address of their choice,” the post office said.

Sapo said more than three million motor vehicle licences were renewed at its branches in the past financial year.

But, in the past, the Sapo has struggled to keep up with the licence disc renewal demand.

Some of the most common and frequently occurring problems include:

  • Motorists waiting in long queues
  • Problematic pay points that only accept cash
  • Offline systems
  • Non-functioning printers

Compiled by Narissa Subramoney