Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
5 minute read
9 Mar 2022
5:48 pm

Ukraine war fallout: SA mostly exposed with wheat imports, not maize

Ina Opperman

Could the Ukraine war and sanctions against Russia affect our food security and prices for maize and wheat?

Image: iStock

The Ukraine war fallout will see South Africa mostly exposed with wheat imports, but not maize of which we have enough. Between them, Russia and Ukraine export about 29% of the world’s wheat, 14% of the world’s maize and 60% of the world’s sunflower oil. This immediately triggers the alarm bells for consumers who worry about where food will come from in the future and how much it will cost. Do we produce enough maize and wheat for our own consumption? Should we have exported so much maize last year without keeping enough for ourselves? According to Christiaan Vercueil, intern...