Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
1 minute read
4 Feb 2021
5:09 pm

Video: Here’s what put the brakes on Greyhound and Citiliner

Ina Opperman

Regular long-distance travellers using the Greyhound and Citiliner bus services were shocked on Wednesday when Unitrans Passenger announced in a tweet that it would be closing down on 14 February.

Greyhound busses seen at the Greyhound/Citiliner depot in Amalgam on 4 February 2021. Picture: Neil McCartney

Unitrans Passenger said in a statement on Thursday that it regretted having to announce that the services it provided since 1984 would be discontinued due to declining passenger numbers and poor regulatory compliance that resulted in significant operating losses over several years.

The impact of the Covid-19 regulations limiting inter-provincial travel and coach occupancy levels, and the closure of the borders to Mozambique and Zimbabwe, had made the situation even worse, the company said.

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Operations could not be returned to profitability despite a number of management actions to reduce operating costs, optimise routes and introduce new technology and coaches.

Unitrans Passenger was also unsuccessful when it tried to sell the Greyhound and Citiliner operations and the company is talking to all stakeholders.

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