Tim Hogins/ZAYouthMovement
3 minute read
27 Nov 2020
9:36 am

Step Aside the future is here

Tim Hogins/ZAYouthMovement

It’s time for the youth of today to do the necessary based on today’s requirement.

Tim Hogins/ZAYouthMovement

Tomorrow’s not promised. As the South African economy shrinks by more than a half in the second quarter according to the new data it is no surprise that the unprecedented decline came as the coronavirus pandemic took its toll on our beloved country, Africa’s most industrialised state. With 11 million people unemployed it’s a scary time to be young vulnerable and alive.

I remember my humble beginnings in the dusty streets of Toekomsrus Randfontein, a community on the west of Johannesburg. My upbringing was by no means privileged and after matriculating in 1996 I was faced with the daunting battle of building a career without any means and became a security guard.

Today I’m the Chairman and CEO of Hogins Enterprises (a diverse group of companies) with interests in recreational lifestyle, technology, manufacturing, e-commerce, real estate, construction, health insurance and pharmaceuticals.

I had to pull myself up and make it work. I had to do the necessary.

Picture: ZAYouthMovement

During Apartheid the young white person was given life changing and saving skills. Skills that still protect them today and serve them well … they did the necessary

In 1976 the young black child took to the streets with the sole objective of toppling the Apartheid government of the day in order to make the people govern. Since 1994 the people governed…they did the necessary.

 Similar to me our youth of today have no idea on how to get ahead or even start as the odds are stacked against them. It’s as if they have no means to survive or make an honest buck irrespective of what they do. They doing the ‘necessary’ according to guidelines set out by the class of 1976 but it sadly benefit only the rule makers.

It’s time for the youth of today to do the necessary based on today’s requirement.

I did and still doing the necessary. I am a father and I want my children to be ready and able to tackle the future in South Africa by themselves. No handouts.

When elephants fight the grass suffers. We had our fair share of the leadership crisis in the country resulting in gross unemployment, uncontrolled crime and tanking economy all which affects you the youth most.

Some issues inherited from the previous regime some created by the current – none should affect the current youth.

I am calling on all individuals aged 16 to 40 to do the necessary and join the ZA Youth Movement. We are a non-political movement representing the youth across all races, colour, creed and gender. There’s a whopping 26million of you – imagine the power in your hands if harnessed and channelled correctly.

At the ZAYouthMovement our vision is to motivate the entire youth population of South Africa to be self-reliant, self-aware and self-starting in all aspects of their lives by eradicating co-dependency and nurturing cooperation.

Our mission is to secure the future by doing the necessary. We aim to achieve this by relying on the following 3 pillars that guide us: Employ, Empower and Protect.

Collectively we will be more capitalised than any bank in SA. 26million youth moving R10 a month is a force to reckon with.

EMPLOY: we create our own employment.

We intend to acquire factories, farms, businesses and employ our own. Also reclaim township economy

EMPOWER: we empower our members.

This will be in the form of mentorship, funding, educational programs, township awards and business development.

PROTECT: we protect our members financially, physically and mentally.

We have programs ready to empower the weak especially our women against any harm and we ready to engage. Partnerships with prominent reputable financial houses been explored to offer financial services and guidance to members. Food security programs been developed and to be made available to members.

The call is simple: do the necessary.

Be part of something that’s collectively much bigger than you, join the movement now and let’s implement as of January 2021.