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22 Dec 2020
1:05 pm

In safe hands with Discovery Insure


If it’s never happened to you, can you imagine what those first few seconds following an accident may be like? If it has, you know just how critical those seconds truly are.

State-of-the-art technology in the car insurance space is fundamentally about having mechanisms that, not only encourage safer driving, but also provide effective incident support. In our line of work, we see the positive impact it can have on our clients every day. Here are a few stories.

“Without Discovery Insure, my day would have gone completely differently.” – Liechen le Roux 

“On the morning of the accident, I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, when the car behind me went into the back of me, and I then went into the car in front of me.”

When she and the lady in front of her pulled to the side of the road, both of their phones rang almost at the same time. Liechen instantly thought, “We’re both with Discovery Insure.”

“I answered the phone and it was a Discovery consultant. He was very concerned that I was okay, first off, which is very important to me,” she says.

Once the consultant had determined that Liechen was not seriously harmed, he enquired about the state of her vehicle. For Liechen, this was reassuring and instantly made her feel supported by Discovery Insure.

The swift response she received in those minutes that followed her bumper bashing experience ensured that the claims process to follow was well-guided, supportive and clear.

For Liechen, having “that calming, reassuring voice on the other end of the phone, holding my hand and taking me through the whole process; step-by-step,” made all the difference.

“It feels like you do have a friend in that moment, who takes care of you…” – Christopher Williamson (Partner of Discovery Insure client, Jaco Theron)


Jaco and Christopher were on holiday together, in the Western Cape when a car from the oncoming side swerved over a solid line and crashed into them.

A consultant almost immediately got in touch with Jaco telephonically once an impact was detected on the system. “Don’t worry, I can see your location,” Jaco was informed. Emergency vehicles and a tow truck were arranged on their behalf.

A hire car was also promptly arranged, as per Jaco’s Plan, as the claim process kicked into gear. “Everything just seemed to flow,” he says.

Being with Discovery Insure makes me feel safe after this incident – because if I should have another one in the future, I know they’ll be calling me soon after,” Jaco adds.

“They knew exactly where I was; so they already dispatched not one, but two ambulances to the scene.”– Evelyn Sadler.

“It was a normal Thursday morning. As I was driving, I saw this taxi swerving towards me. The car went airborne. What came to mind was, ‘This is it’.”

Evelyn’s unexpected car accident had her instantly thinking of her family during those initial seconds following the impact. Would she survive this?

Thankfully, Evelyn was able to get herself out of her vehicle. Due to the impact, her phone was malfunctioning and so her husband, Vernon stepped in to see that she received the assistance she needed.

“He contacted the Discovery Insure call centre. The call centre then explained to him that he should not panic because help is on the way. They already tracked it on the monitor,” she shares.

“If it wasn’t for the Impact Alert, I wouldn’t have had assistance immediately after the accident happened,” she adds, ‘’and because of which I would absolutely, 100% advise to go with Discovery Insure.”