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How to boost chance of success AFTER your next job interview

The proactive steps you take after a job interview can significantly affect your chances of landing the job or not.

Waiting by the phone is not the only thing you have to do after your next job interview. What if it does not ring? What if you did not get the job?

The job interview is often seen as the pinnacle of the job search process, but it is essential to remember that your journey does not end once the interview is over, Lisa Wright from Pnet says.

How to boost chances of success after job interview

“There are steps to take before and during a job interview and you must also remember these four steps to take after a job interview to maximise your chance of success.”

Send a thank-you email or handwritten note

As soon as possible after the interview send a personalised thank you email to each person who interviewed you. Express your gratitude for their time and reiterate your interest in the position, Wright says.

“This not only shows your professionalism, but also helps you to stay fresh in their minds. If the company has a more traditional culture, a well-crafted, handwritten note could leave a lasting positive impression.”

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Reflect on the interview and follow up on promised actions

Take some time to reflect on the interview while it is still fresh in your memory. Consider what went well and what could have been better. Jot down mistakes to learn from, but do not over-analyse. Only select one takeaway.

This self-assessment will not only help you to improve for future interviews but also prepare you for potential follow-up questions.

If you promised to provide additional documents, references, or examples of your work during the interview, make sure to follow up and send it promptly, Wright says.

“This demonstrates your commitment and organisational skills. It also keeps the conversation going and shows your continued interest in the role.”

Do not obsess and continue networking

Once you followed up on promised actions, take a mental break from the process. Focus on the big picture, such as the great connection you had with the interviewer or how excited you feel about the role and the company. 

“Even if you feel confident about the interview, continue networking and applying for other suitable positions. Keep pursuing other possibilities, practice your interview skills and find other viable options to reduce your sense of anxiety while waiting for feedback,” Wright says.

Take the necessary steps to move past this interview and to be stronger for the next one. Job interviews can be unpredictable and it is wise to have backup options.

Building a robust professional network can also lead to other exciting opportunities.

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Follow up periodically

If you have not heard back from the employer within the specified timeframe, it is acceptable to send a polite follow-up email inquiring about the status of your application.

Be patient and respectful of their timeline, but do not be afraid to show your continued interest.

Wright says the steps you take after a job interview can significantly impact the outcome of your job search.

“Sending thank-you messages, reflecting on your performance and following up appropriately all contribute to your overall professionalism and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

“By following these steps, you can increase your chances of landing the job you were working so hard to secure. Remember, it is not just about acing the interview but also about your post-interview actions that make all the difference.”

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