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6 Jun 2016
2:35 pm

Samson receives unexpected support this week on ‘Isibaya’

Citizen Reporter

Will Mpiyakhe's plan to unseat Samson succeed? Watch 'Isibaya' this week to find out.

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Monday, June 6

While suspicion is cast on Samson, the Zungus decide they need a plan of action to address the storm brewing in Memel.

Tuesday, June 7

The Ngwenyas up the pressure on the Memel Taxi Association, while Pam struggles to adjust to life in Protea.

Wednesday, June 8

Mkabayi worries Mpiyakhe’s plan to unseat Samson is doomed to fail while Fezile deepens his investigation into the Cobra headed squad.

Thursday, June 9

Samson receives unexpected support. Fezile’s investigation leaves him with more questions. Pam has an unnerving encounter in Protea.

Friday, June 10

The Memel association returns to the negotiation table. Fezile’s investigation bares fruit. Pam’s attempts to get Kaone’s help go horribly wrong.