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27 Jun 2016
11:01 am

‘Isibaya’ this week: S’bu meets an old acquaintance

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'Isibaya' promises more drama this week.

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Monday, June 27

Samson makes the Memel chairman an offer he can’t refuse. A mysterious man arrives in Bhubesini, looking for Mabuyi.

Tuesday, June 28

Samson proves his worth to the Ngwenyas. Simelane goes to Mpiyakhe with unsettling news. Old wounds are reopened for Mabuyi.

Wednesday, June 29

Mpiyakhe tries to prevent Samson’s Memel retaliation. Fezile feels good about himself.  S’Khaleni makes things right with Pam.

Thursday, June 30

Samson and Qaphela show just how serious they are about their business. Mpiyakhe and Samson have a showdown in Memel. S’bu meets an old acquaintance.

Friday July 1

Mpiyakhe makes a dramatic entrance at the taxi association. Siphokazi is increasingly obsessed with the arrival of her adopted child. Jabu lies to Iris about something important.