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11 Jul 2016
8:31 am

‘Muvhango’ this week: Vusi’s life is in danger

Citizen Reporter

Will his uncle Azwindini survive the car accident? Watch 'Muvhango' this week to find out.

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Monday, July 11

Azwindini drinks a herb he is not supposed to drink. Vusi tries to let Onika down gently. Shonisani accuses Mulimisi of using black magic.

Tuesday, July 12

Vho-Masindi accuses Susan of slipping the herbs into Azwindini’s food. Rendani witnesses first-hand just how unbalanced Onika is. Mpho is plagued by visions and signs that her place is by Mulimisi.

Wednesday, July 13

Azwindini is devastated by Gizara’s announcement. He implements drastic steps that shock Vho-Masindi and Susan. Onika manages to manipulate Rendani but after seeing Vusi, Onika is consumed with rage. Mulimisi doesn’t have the courage to tell Shoni the truth.

Thursday, July 14

Azwindini goes against culture. Vusi’s life is in danger and there’s no one to save him. Mulimisi’s announcement takes both Mpho and Shoni by surprise.

Friday, July 15

Vusi is starting to understand just how crazy Onika is. Azwindini is involved in an accident. Shonisani thinks someone has put a spell on her.