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11 Jul 2016
9:31 am

Layla makes a shocking decision this week on ‘Scandal’

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Will her relationship with Quinton survive? Watch 'Scandal' this week to find out.

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Monday, July 11

Layla makes a decision which could have far-reaching consequences for her relationship with Quinton, and the victor in the Thebe/Nyathi battle spies an opportunity for major advancement. Gloria receives some information which devastates her. Lindiwe is manipulated by a smooth-talking young man.

Tuesday, July 12

Someone close to Naledi appears to be in potential danger, and Layla makes a surprising announcement. Gontse is desperate for assistance with a problem which could derail an important contract. Lindiwe proves to be a very convincing actress.

Wednesday, July 13

Layla is worried about the outcome of a revelation, but those concerns are put aside when she receives some shattering news. Gloria sends a neighbour packing and seeks solace in a public place. Lindiwe wants to do the right thing, but a new friend has other ideas.

Thursday, July 14

Somebody encourages Grace to make a move which he paints as being good for Romeo, and Layla’s relief at some wonderful news quickly turns to anger. Ndumiso gets a tough job. Zinzile gets some information about the Newtonian Hotel which puzzles and disturbs her.

Friday, July 15

Naledi’s mother reveals some things about the past, and Layla is prepared to do pretty much anything to prevent a disaster. Gloria sees hope for her future and starts buttering up someone in order to turn the hope into reality. Lindiwe is pleased by a reaction from her parents, but feels awful about the outcome of a prank.