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11 Jul 2016
1:07 pm

‘Isibaya’ this week: Mpiyakhe, Judas and Samson lock horns

Citizen Reporter

'Isibaya' promises even more drama this week.

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Monday, July 11

Mkabayi attempts to fight back, but finds the odds stacked against her. The Zungu drivers buckle up for war after hearing shocking news. Zama continues her playful pursuit of Jabu.

Tuesday, July 12

The Zungus and the valley react to the recent dramatic events, while Judas makes a discovery that fills him with rage. Zama responds in a shocking way to a challenge by Iris.

Wednesday, July 13

Tensions are running high in a meeting called by the chief between Mpiyakhe, Judas and Samson. Siphokazi is suddenly called away to deal with an emergency.

Thursday, July 14

With Mpiyakhe preoccupied, Samson and Judas orchestrate their next move. S’Khaleni gives way to his paranoia and things turn ugly. Siphokazi is torn about how to handle her worrying news.

Friday, July 15

Mpiyakhe finally gets to the truth. Zama’s celebration does not go as planned. Taking charge, Siphokazi makes decisions she believes are best for her, the baby and Thandi.