Marthinus Struwig
1 minute read
22 Jul 2016
1:45 pm

‘Twee Grade van Moord’: Nice theme, pity about the script

Marthinus Struwig

This film addresses the prickly issue of euthanasia, a subject that immediately creates controversy.

Twee Grade van Moord. Picture: www.stageandscreen.co.za

The problem is that a good adult cast is wasted on a script that still seems to be developing, while the acting from the younger actors disappointed. Much more research and structure was needed to have a greater impact.

And although Marius Weyers and Sandra Prinsloo give professional performances, good actors such as Shaleen Surtie-Richards now seem to be typecast in the same parts in every film with witticisms and dialogue that read like leftovers from other films.

Twee Grade van Moord (Two Degrees of Murder) tells the story of a psychologist whose husband suffers a massive heart attack. It renders him helpless. She then has to choose between watching him suffer or helping him to escape from being bedridden for the rest of his life.

Even though it addresses important issues, the uneven script and heavy-handed direction disappoint, and the thematic potential is often given a superficial treatment.

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