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1 Aug 2016
1:09 pm

The truth is revealed to Maletsatsi this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here's what's coming up this week on 'Scandal'.

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Monday August 1

A relative of Naledi’s is stunned by a revelation, and Dintle receives a disturbing warning. Ndumiso is excited to hear about a potential new business from which he will not earn a cent. Scelo is upset with a friend and turns down an offer from a foe.

Tuesday August 2

Yvonne is perturbed when she realises someone is married, and very worried when she is pressured by a potentially dangerous man. Gloria is convinced that success is imminent, which leaves Stokkies conflicted. Scelo feels ambushed and betrayed by a friend.

Wednesday August 3

An unhappy history in a family is hinted at, and Romeo finds himself playing out of his league with horrifying consequences. A desperate attempt at rescuing a situation backfires on Stokkies. Scelo goes it on his own and does some serious experimenting.

Thursday August 4

A sinister and intimidating individual is not all he appears to be, and Quinton is taken aback by an offer by someone from his past. The truth is revealed to Maletsatsi, which leads to her displaying the most uncharacteristic behaviour. Scelo uses his colleagues as guinea pigs with astonishing results.

Friday August 5

Yvonne is unnerved to realise she may face obstacles from someone she has never met, and Layla is terrified when she receives a parcel. Maletsatsi is very nervous when she is summoned to a meeting. Scelo decides to bend the truth in order to keep up appearances.