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22 Aug 2016
2:10 pm

‘Scandal’ this week: Will Lucas choose duty or lust?

Citizen Reporter

Here is what to expect this week on 'Scandal'.

Monday, August 22

Mangi finds that it is harder to escape the past than he thought it would be. Ndumiso finally gets what he wants, but is simultaneously sidetracked. Stokkies makes an approach without being aware of the effect it will have.

Tuesday, August 23

Mangi makes an accusation that misses the mark, and Grace is surprised to receive a formal request. Gloria has sabotage on her mind. A young girl is excited, while another feels left out. Stokkies’ hopes are dashed by a crushing speech.

Wednesday, August 24

Yvonne is firmly put in her place by a new arrival, and Lucas has to make a choice between duty and lust. Ndumiso has had enough and gets Gontse to call in reinforcements. A situation with a chair results in an uncomfortable encounter with an unhappy outcome.

Thursday, August 25

Two people who share a past have a tentative reconciliation, and an affair almost comes to an end. Gloria is surprised when somebody calls her bluff. Chantal discovers that it is not all that easy to control her feelings.

Friday, August 26

Lucas diverts a potential threat, and Yvonne is taken aback when a new face arrives at her door. Ndumiso is at ease with a situation which Gontse wouldn’t cope with. Chantal gives herself away by asking a loaded question.