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19 Sep 2016
2:33 pm

Mary makes a surprisingly bold move this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here's what to expect this week on 'Scandal'.

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Monday, September 19

Lerumo thinks he sees something very disturbing, and Mangi arrives at a distressingly horrifying conclusion about someone close to him. Lindiwe is rattled by what she has witnessed, and two relatives are concerned about her for very different reasons. Stokkies is guilt-ridden when he is commended by someone he adores.

Tuesday, September 20

A father is accused of a heinous crime by his son, and a husband is determined to make light of a disturbing incident with his wife. Lindiwe makes a decision that comes as a huge relief to a relative. Stokkies compromises his progress towards becoming a better person. Mary makes a surprisingly bold move.

Wednesday September 21

A truth is revealed in order to defuse an accusation, and a revenge plot is hatched between unlikely allies. Ndumiso is unhappy when a decision about his life is made for him. Stokkies finds himself having to tell a major lie in order to do some good.

Thursday September 22

Mangi is prepared to make a huge sacrifice in order to see that justice is done. A young girl is uncharacteristically ruthless when it comes to finding out the truth. Stokkies’ attempt to cover his tracks comes back to bite him.

Friday September 23

A terrifying showdown, which has been coming for years, plays out between two family members. Lindiwe worries that a situation created by her family could occur again. Stokkies feels pleased with the outcome of a conversation with a young boy.