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26 Sep 2016
12:02 pm

‘Scandal’ this week: Mangi believes a part of his life is over

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Here's what to expect this week on 'Scandal'.

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Monday, September 26

A father makes a compromise, offloads a possession and has to accept a rejection. A misinterpretation of a situation leads to a decision that will have serious consequences. A long-standing lie is finally owned up to.

Tuesday, September 27

Mangi says goodbye to a situation and a person, the losses of which leave him both worse off – and potentially better off – for the future. Lindiwe discovers that the truth is not always necessarily believed. Stokkies realises a part of his life is over for good. Mary’s persistence pays off.

Wednesday, September 28

Dintle makes sure she passes a test, and Romeo has a new target on his radar. Gontse is gutted by an unexpected response to a question. Pretty tries to make things right, but gets the wrong end of the stick again.

Thursday, September 29

Layla is disturbed to hear of a false accusation, and Quinton is rattled by an accusation that he fears may be true. Lindiwe’s discoveries about a family member get worse and worse. Gloria believes she has found a way to bring down an ex-colleague. Mary is privy to some personal details about someone important.

Friday, September 30

Mangi believes a part of his life is over, until he is confronted with a game-changing revelation. Ndumiso finds himself having to scramble for justifications for his actions. Stokkies can hardly believe it when a dream comes true.