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17 Oct 2016
1:39 pm

KK humiliates Matshidiso this week on ‘Muvhango’

Citizen Reporter

This after she lying to him, not knowing he already knew the truth. Watch 'Muvhango' this week for more.

Mcdonald Ndou. Picture:

Monday October 17

Bobo has a plan to get the second contract. KK catches Matshidiso out. Azwindini is very taken with Mpho.

Tuesday October 18

Bobo drugs Lerumo’s Lawyer. Matshidiso lies to KK, not knowing KK knows the truth. Vho-Masindi worries about the friendliness between Azwindini and Mpho.

Wednesday October 19

Bobo gives Khomotjo a difficult ultimatum. KK humiliates Matshidiso in front of their colleagues. Vho-Masindi plays match maker between Mulimisi and Mpho.

Thursday October 20

Bobo takes a gamble to win Serithi back to his side, but will she fall for his lies? Matshidiso worms her way back into KK’s arms. Azwindini continues to be intrigued by Mpho despite Vho-Masindi’s protests.

Friday October 21

Bobo moves into Serithi’s house. Matshidiso thinks she has KK exactly where she wants him. Azwindini is blown away when he learns who Mpho’s father is.