Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
14 Mar 2014
11:00 am

Movie Review: I, Frankenstein

Leon van Nierop

The moment Aaron Eckhart – mutilated, stitched up and tortured – declares himself "Frankenstein", you know that this tale of science fiction is not going to follow the path of Mary Shelley's original story.

Aaron Eckhart plays the lead in 'I, Frankenstein'. Pictures: Supplied.

Dr Frankenstein, who created his monster, conveniently disappears early on, and the creature takes over his maker’s name.

This project is all special effects, lightning bolts in 3D, terrifying flying creatures that look like angels on steroids, tumbling buildings and a sort of Frankenstein For Dummies, an instruction book on how to create a monster.

Miranda Otto plays Leonore, Queen of the Gargoyles, in 'I, Frankenstein'. Picture supplied

Miranda Otto plays Leonore, Queen of the Gargoyles, in ‘I, Frankenstein’. Picture supplied

This means that the creature tries to guard his master’s book with his life as he is not too keen on having brothers and sisters.

Eckhart fights flying devil-angels that swoop from a creature-infected moon. If it weren’t for 3D one might fall asleep, as the fights become monotonous if you don’t care about the characters.