Boitumelo Masemola
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14 Mar 2014
11:18 am

Isibaya finale doesn’t disappoint

Boitumelo Masemola

From 8.28pm on Thursday night, true Isibaya fans could not be pried from their TV screens as the anticipated finale aired.

Isibaya cast. Image courtesy of Facebook.

The telenovela, set against the backdrop of SA’s taxi industry, tells the story of the Zungu and Ndlovu families who live in Thukela Valley. Big shots in the taxi business, both families are determined to build their fortune, but greed and revenge slowly start tearing them apart.

With fans praying load shedding would not strike, the telenovela’s final episode did not disappoint.

For the first minute or two it felt like the previous days episode. Then it started…Iris shot Chaka, what? Mkabayi and Fezile, who had been held hostage by Chaka, were now safe. Thandeka went to her soul mate Sbu where they tentatively opened the envelope with the DNA results. To many fans delight they are not related, so their love affair continues.

In the process Nkabinde was caught by Sbu dressed in a not so convincing disguise outfit. Who wears a scarf, a jacket and sunglasses in the warm KZN sun? He was bound to be found out.

Nkabinde agreed to help the Zungus and Gogo Mkhiti save Mpiyakhe from the dark place where he is a zombie and bring him back to normal. The cultural ceremony was very emotional and breathtaking. Thandeka, Gogo Mkhiti, Mpiyakhe and Mkabayi’s acting was on point. Many people thought Thandeka was about to join the dark side and die – she almost did.

Lerato gave birth to a baby boy after Shadrack almost lost his mind.

Everything ended well, show’s villain Samson was arrested, beloved character Mpiyakhe healed from being a zombie and the Zungu family were elated that the head of the household is back and is safe.

Jackson is still on the loose, the good cops won, the “good” family won the final battle.

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With the telenovela ended, fans can now look forward to the start of Isibaya – the series. Don’t miss the first episode at 8.30pm on Monday.

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