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22 May 2017
9:13 am

A nasty shock awaits Yvonne this week on ‘Scandal’

Citizen Reporter

Watch 'Scandal' this week as the drama unfolds.

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Monday May 22

Boniswa has bad news for Siseko, but its good news for Yvonne. Gontse has to bite her tongue to keep a family member happy. Timothy does not realise he is steering Mlungisi in the wrong direction.

Tuesday May 23

Quinton’s suspicions are reignited, and Lerumo has a bombshell dropped on him. Gontse is shocked by a response to a dressing down. Timothy realises his efforts to aid someone have backfired.

Wednesday May 24

Yvonne believes she has been saved by the bell, but a nasty shock awaits her. Gloria thinks she has solved everyone’s problems, but Gontse is not so sure. Mlungisi discovers a side to his personality that he never knew existed.

Thursday May 25

Yvonne is unable to secure an assurance for her future, and Siseko receives a visit which he has been dreading. Gloria promises to step up in order to take the pressure off Gontse. Mlungisi is blissfully unaware that he has been accused of something very serious.

Friday May 26

Quinton is disappointed to learn he is not trusted, and Siseko comes face to face with some extreme resentment. Gloria is put on the spot when she realises she has to keep two people happy. Mlungisi is shattered by a revelation at work.