Tshepiso Makhele
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1 Aug 2017
9:49 am

Reign Edwards tells us what it’s like to be Bold and Beautiful

Tshepiso Makhele

Her key role on the soapie The Bold and the Beautiful is a dream come true, but she's also a singer-songwriter.

Reign Edwards.

While success came knocking on Reign Edwards’ door at the early age of 19, the gifted singer, songwriter and actress wasted no time in welcoming it into her life and making sure she accomplished her dreams.

One of those was acting on the popular US soapie The Bold and the Beautiful. Edwards, who now plays the role of Nicole on the legendary soapie, has certainly proved her worth as an actress and gained a massive fanbase throughout the world for a character she portrays impeccably.

She’s taken on the role of a girl in love, a heartbroken young woman, and a supportive surrogate to her transgender sister Maya. We thought we would help you get to know Edwards a little better by sharing a few interesting facts about her.

Who is Nicole

“I think Nicole is a very strong character because she has grown a lot since she first came to the show.

“She is full of love, but sometimes the fact that she loves so hard gets her in a position where she is not at the forefront of things, and often forgets to put herself first and hence hurts herself by trying so hard to love others,” Edwards said, adding she believes the character she plays is too naive, a personality very different from hers.

Playing the surrogate mother

While she explains she has always been fascinated by birth and being a mother, the actress says she had to do a lot of research to play her role as a surrogate mother.

“I’m very close to my mum. I have a little sister, so I watched my mum go through her pregnancy,” she said, explaining further that shows like Teen Mom, My Baby Story and YouTube videos assisted her with her research.

“I spoke to different parents I know. I actually spoke to Rome, who plays Zende on the soapie, because he is also a parent. He is young but already a dad, and had his daughter around about the same age as Nicole.”

Edwards says a couple of Australian YouTube videos also helped give her an idea of what being pregnant entailed with their weekly updates. Although she indicates she wishes she could have done better with the scenes, she says the birth videos she watched helped her to understand the power of the connection between a mother and child.

“Then I saw a completely opposite video, where a woman was giving up her child for adoption, and this is what Nicole was about to do. It was absolutely heart-breaking.

“Whenever the woman tried to get up and sign the adoption papers, it was as if the pen weighed a thousand pounds.

“She dropped it multiple times and was saddened by giving her son away.

“When she eventually signed, she broke down and cried like a five-year-old,” she said, adding that she felt she had to incorporate that in her scene.

“It added a bit of layer. I really needed to bring that element to it and do the role justice.”

Reign as opposed to Nicole

“Nicole and Reign are similar in a sense that they both love loving. However, they are different in that I don’t love to an extent that I put myself on the back burner.

“We are both very strong women, but I’m less naive than her,” she said.

Edwards says Nicole is so naive that she doesn’t realise how the day she gives birth will affect her, and how it will be a powerful moment in her life. However, she says her character will still amaze viewers and her love life with Zende will soon get extremely interesting.

“You will see all the ups and downs, but still witness how Nicole and Zende truly love each other,” she said.

Reign Edwards.

Reign Edwards.

The other side of her

The 21-year-old talent says she is exceptionally passionate about singing and songwriting, and finds these fun and relaxing.

“I also love dancing and I’m thinking of taking dance classes,” she said with a giggle, adding that she also has a hidden ten-pin bowling talent she knew nothing about until recently.

“I love adventure and travelling and seeing and learning about different cultures, going out and having fun,” she said, while pointing out that lately she has been learning to speak a bit of French.

The Bold and the Beautiful

“I believe what makes the soapie stand out is that fact that it is bold, and tells stories that a lot of people are scared of telling,” she said. “We put in so much work to try to ensure that we portray the story as convincingly as possible. We touch on social issues and have a great group of people working on the show.”

Edwards says Brad Bell, the executive producer and head writer, also does an incredible job of picking a good group of people to be part of the soapie.

“We have a good work ethic. We sit there, go through lines and pour our hearts and souls out on screen. We work well together and that energy comes through on television, and I think that is what people like. On set we are like family,” she said.

Her beauty tips

Edwards says taking care of oneself has to be the basic beauty tip.

“Put yourself first. It’s important to be considerate and think about other people, but you can’t do that without doing it for yourself first, and there are a variety of ways to care for oneself, whether it’s a day at the spa or going for a nice walk,” she said, pointing out that she prefers time at the gym.

“People think that having a healthy lifestyle is hard. However, one can try just eating healthily and still enjoy a burger every now and then.”

Edwards doesn’t believe in denying yourself the food you love.

“I love food, so instead of having a beef burger, I’ll have a turkey burger because it still tastes good,” she said.