Genevieve Vieira
1 minute read
2 May 2014
9:00 am

Gags and giggles: Ek Joke Net! 2

Genevieve Vieira

The pranksters from Ek Joke Net! are back for round two and this time no one's safe.

Secretly, people love to watch others make fools of themselves, and with today’s instant access on the Internet, You Tube has become an increasingly popular platform for this kind of tomfoolery.

What some people wont do to get views on YouTube. And there’s nothing better than a candid camera.

Following a long list of candid camera films in South Africa, Ek Joke Net 2 doesn’t necessarily offer anything new in terms of pranks, but the reactions are priceless.

Ordinary citizens minding their own business – unaware that they are being filmed – are put into sticky situations, and their anger, confusion and relief combine to create hilarious on-screen moments.

From some students who unexpectedly find themselves in the midst of a drug bust, a blind man asking for help while buying condoms, to video store assistants discovering pornographic films in clients’ DVD cases – holding back the hearty laughter is not an option.