Tinashe Venge
1 minute read
21 Oct 2017
10:59 am

Twitter warns Cardi B about being ‘bricked’ after Queen Twerk posts video with Migos’s Offset

Tinashe Venge

South African socialite, Faith Nketsi, also known as ‘Queen Twerk’, has got all of Mzansi talking after she posted a video with Migos rapper, Offset.

Faith Nketsi popularly known as Queen Twerk. Image: Instagram

The rap trio from Atlanta arrived in Durban on Thursday, ahead of the first South African performance of their highly publicised Culture Tour. Many people couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a picture or video with the artists, and Queen Twerk refused to be left out.

She took to Snapchat to post a short video with Offset, who is currently dating the biggest female rapper on the planet at the moment – Cardi B. As soon as she shared the video, one local Tweep managed to download the video and tag Offset’s girlfriend asking how she felt about Queen Twerk’s encounter with her man:

Once this video surfaced, Twitter users homed in with jokes and jabs, with many suggesting that Faith was about to “brick” Cardi B (to ‘brick’ someone means to take their boyfriend/girlfriend away from them).


Some people were proud of Faith Nketsi for being able to snag a picture with one of the biggest celebrities in the planet at the moment. However, this particular user doesn’t think that it’s anything to be proud of:

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