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23 Nov 2017
2:15 pm

Malema makes fun of Mbalula’s ‘breathe in’ technique for a photo

Citizen Reporter

As good-looking as the minister is in his suit, the EFF leader thinks his former drinking partner is trying too hard to look picture-perfect.

READY TO TALK. EFF leader Julius Malema speaks on TouchHD online radio about the Gupta e-mails. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has been making fun of men who struggled to get out of their cars because of their size, but now the tables have turned. Though the minister can still get out of his car(s) with ease, EFF leader Julius Malema has noticed that it’s not only women who try hard to hide mokhaba when posing for pictures.

A picture that was shared by the SA Police Service on Twitter shows Mbalula next to newly appointed national police commissioner Khehla John Sithole and President Jacob Zuma.

The police commissioner is in his police uniform, but the other two’s outfits have left those who noticed with a few questions.

Tony Yengeni said Zuma’s shirt was “very busy”, while Malema threw shots at Mbalula for apparently pulling a ‘Bheki Cele stomach in, chest out’ on us. The EFF leader said Mbalula was “trying very hard to hide mokhaba”.

His followers said he took a break from squeezing balls to squeezing his mokhaba, which is working.

“Fiks is getting proper FAT!He needs to do some push-ups with the cops in the exercise yard,” commented one, while another wrote: “Well, the whole of 2017 we’ve been sayin ‘ska ba hemisa’, these are the results CIC is not breathing.”

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