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Tinashe Venge
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3 Jul 2018
2:39 pm

Did Thando Thabethe’s fiancé cheat on her?

Tinashe Venge

If rumours are to be believed Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao have called off their engagement.

Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao. Picture: Instagram

We’re still in shock. If rumours are to be believed Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao have called off their engagement and now the Sunday Sun is suggesting it’s because the latter cheated on his long-term partner

Frans and Thando’s relationship has been the subject of speculation over the past few weeks. It began when fans noticed that Thando was no longer wearing her engagement ring; just days before she added fuel to the fire with a social media post.

At the time, Thando was posting a lengthy birthday dedication message, but it was the bit about losing the love of her life that caught people’s attention.

She wrote: “I lost my daddy, I lost my brother, my best friend… in a manner I would never wish upon my WORST ENEMY!! I lost the greatest love of my life… but everything has prepared me for this here very moment”

While neither Frans nor Thando has confirmed the breakup, the rumours resurfaced when Frans was nowhere to be seen during Thando’s birthday celebrations during the last week of June.

Just when even the most optimistic fans began to accept that Thando and Frans were no longer an item, this weekend’s Sunday Sun came out with the reported reasons behind their split.

According to the Sunday Sun’s sources, Frans had been cheating on Thando with multiple women

One of their sources informed them: “Her friends have been warning her about Frans’ player tendencies, but she flatly ignored them until she discovered that she was sharing him with other women. Anyhow, she respects the union of marriage and doesn’t want to start her new chapter on a bad foundation.”

Another source suggests that they may still work things out and that their families are trying to intervene.

“The future is theirs. They need to decided whether they continue with the wedding or if they call it off completely despite what their families think.”

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