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Costa Makola
2 minute read
6 Jul 2018
1:15 pm

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds App review

Costa Makola

A war in your pocket.

If you want to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) but don’t have a console or PC to run it, look no further than your smartphone.

Don’t be put off thinking this is some watered down port; on a smartphone PUBG has never looked better and in terms of its performance,  it matches the console version pound for pound. This battle royale online multiplayer game delivers both in terms of crisp visuals and frenetic action. Oh, and on this platform, it’s free.

After popping your smartphone out of your pocket you can immediately get start a squad with your or join a group of strangers from around the globe. You then skydive down onto the original PUBG PC map, collecting weapons and clothes for your naked avatar and kick on in a battle for survival on the match’s shrinking battleground.

The game is best played with a headset and microphone. This allows players to communicate with one another within the team. Unlike Fortnite, players use cars or quad bikes to transport each other away from the map barrier or hostiles, who can are easily identified on the game’s mini map.

There’s plenty of little buttons on the screen. For instance to get you into the settings or using the sprinting option, simply press the icons around the map or crouch and lay low using the buttons on the lower right side of the screen. You can fire and punch opponents with either thumb, switch through weapons at the bottom of your screen and release loot from your bag if you want to collect better items.

With that said, its easy to control a moving car in the game but challenging when it comes to the avatars. Mobile games are not always easy to play due to their touchscreen controls, which can be finicky and also eat up space on the HUD. Tencent Game, though, try to help the player out in this regard; weapons and ammo auto-equip for example.

For a game that’s sold over 50 million of copies sold across PC and console, it’s surprising the iOS and Android versions are offered for free. Surprising, but welcome. For noobs, this could most likely be the best chance you get to sharpen your PUGB skills and rank on some of the best online multiplayer platforms.