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2 Aug 2018
11:38 am

The Queen fans incensed after Brutus dies

Citizen Reporter

But is Brutus really dead? It seems we've been here before...

Fans of The Queen have set Twitter alight following the show’s last episode. The reason? Fan favourite Brutus has been confirmed dead.

The third season of the Mzansi Magic show opened like gangbusters with Shaka and Mathambo’s romantic dream yacht wedding turning horribly tragic, when a bomb planted on the boat by Diamond exploded. The bomb killed Roy and Gift but fans were more worried about the fact that uncle Brutus’s whereabouts were unknown following the incident.

On last night’s show, fans had their worst fears confirmed by an announcement that Brutus died in the explosion. They quickly took to Twitter to make their feelings known:

As one can see, they weren’t happy. Then again, we have to wonder whether Brutus is actually gone for good. After all, the character survived an attempted poisoning, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility he could survive this too.