Michelle Loewenstein
2 minute read
13 Aug 2014
6:00 am

Nyaniso Ntsikelelo Dzedze likes to move it

Michelle Loewenstein

There's something heart-warming about watching a group of folks who, at first, seem pretty regular.

MOVERS AND SHAKERS. From left: Bontle Modiselle as Khanyi, Nyaniso Dzedze as Muzi and Mindo Sefafe as Pinkie. Pictures: Supplied

Then, suddenly, they bust a move and ultimately triumph over evil – even if that evil happens to be a rival dance crew.

South Africans will be excited to hear that we’re finally joining the fray with our own take on the dance move genre – Hear Me Move, starring Nyaniso Ntsikelelo Dzedze. He plays Muzi, an accounting student who joins a crew against his mother’s wishes, and inadvertantly makes himself the enemy of one of his competitors. Will he beat the odds, win the show and get the girl? We’ll have to wait until December to find out.


How did you become a dancer, performer and choreographer?

Nyaniso Ntsikelelo Dzedze (NND): I guess it all started in high school when my history teacher blackmailed me into being in a musical. I was in Grade 11 and I was too shy to ever do it of my own accord, but I always loved to sing. So my teacher convinced me and a group of my friends to be a part of Grease, and that’s where my love for performance was ignited. I went on to study acting at Wits University and that’s where I came across physical theatre and contemporary dance. The journey has never stopped.

What is it that you love about dancing?

NND: Expression. In life there are many ways to express oneself and sometimes you reach a point where words are not enough to articulate everything. That’s why I love to dance.

Who are your role models?

NND: I have a few role models. I would say I derive my strength and passion for family from my mother. I also derive my hard-headedness from her; my pride and desire to be successful. I have role models in the field of the arts, but I’ll save their names for a later stage because as much as they are my role models they are also my competition.

Apart from incorporating local dance styles, what sets Hear Me Move apart from other dance movies?

NND: It’s South African. It’s proudly ours. It tells a South African story, featuring South African people. It’s honest, and it comes from all of our hearts.


Why do you think the dance movie genre is so popular?

NND: Once again, expression. People can move each other to tears without telling their whole life story, just by showing them. I think that’s why a lot of people feel connected and drawn to dance and dance movies.

Which dance movie is your favourite?

NND: Wow, I think to this day my favourite dance movie is the first one I watched, which is You Got Served. It’s always the ones that take your virginity who leave a mark in your mind.