Sandisiwe Mbhele
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9 Jul 2020
9:00 am

#Couplegoals: Donovan Goliath and partner Davina take online content to whole new level

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Their content became so popular big brands such as Vodacom and Gumtree came knocking on their doors.

Donovan Goliath and Davina Mae Gordon. Photo: Instagram

A couple that is innovative, creative, and thinks out the box has really shaken up the social media content creation platform during the Covid-19 lockdown. Popular comedian Donovan Goliath and his partner violinist Davina Mae Gordon are skyrocketing and showing everyone how it’s done.

From their play on fashion brands such as Can’t kiss (Calvin Klein), Dishes & Banana (Dolce & Gabbana) and Christians Dior (Christian Dior) clearly using humour, viral content, and Tik Tok videos to bring us entertaining videos and pictures. The super couple videos have even had Missy Elliot on their radar, who showed her love on their take on her song Get Your Freak On. 

Donovan and Davina’s fun take on social distancing. Photo: Instagram

Goliath said after the third or the fourth post at the beginning of the lockdown, they noticed their content kept referring to something lockdown related.

“All of the stuff was successful in the beginning because of the relatability, like we were all going through this thing, and we kind of just packaged it in a different and in an interesting light. A lot of the information going out was quite sombre and very serious. We just took a lighthearted spin without making fun of it.”

Their content eventually saw many brands such as Vodacom, Gumtree, and Castle Lite knocking at their door to get a taste of the couple’s innovativeness.

Davina said brands couldn’t necessarily give you full creative freedom but this is expected because of the certain message they want to send out for their brand.

“It has been a change of mindset, while we were putting stuff up in the past we were in control of what we were doing and that was quite nice. But now someone saying, ‘actually if you go on this angle’ can be a challenge but at the same time you are dedicated to the job so you kind of go with it.”

Goliath added: “Look, I must be honest what has been good is that we have worked with a lot of brands on campaigns, they have brought into what we’ve been selling essentially. So the stuff we have put out, people have been saying we like this vibe.

“But obviously big brands they have a tone, a voice, and a message they need to speak to as well. So there is a little back and forth now until we come to a happy medium.”

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And they are definitely having fun with what they creating which is all shot by an iPhone, unfortunately, and fortunately, due to the circumstances of our ‘new normal’, they can’t shoot their content in a studio but use what they have to make something look cool and special.

Playing with those restrictions recently, their Volkswagen road trip campaign, Davina said: “We like these homemade aspects, doing makeshift stuff. I had my head hanging out the window, allowing the wind to blow my hair. It’s funny fake in a way. ”

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